Monday, December 11, 2006

Still drifting...

When you look at the sea, the calmness of it soothes people down. Yet the actual strength it holds is so powerful it could actually drown the whole world. The irony of nature and also humanity, blending into the life's of earth's inhabitants, creating a difference perhaps.?

There's always the unspoken yet acknowledged challenge that we still love to go for once a while. It's either you succeed or failed, but in the end of the night, what's exactly that we're hunting for, what do we actually achieved? And what we have not.?

The parallel of human who always ask for more, or perhaps simply striving for the best as they still can.? Climbing up a ladder that's without a top nor promise an end. There will be always some who stop, or some who could climb no more, remaining stationary where no further progress could be done.

Was it the natural greed of human kind, or simply the necessity of society's drastic and constant changes of trend that boost this unnecessary yet preferred option that we chose to take all the time.? In fact, a route we all go whether desired or not.?

What if one couldn't afford at all to continue the unbearable progress, can one stop abruptly out of the blue and take off.? Or can one actually just walk down the stairs with millions of eyes piercing into them.?

Are such choices allowed to their existence or simply an option that one make without knowing if it's acceptable or not in the beginning.? Simply full ignorance.? Or perhaps, what's considered as acceptable, and what's not.? And why is it so important to be accepted.? For being ignorant doesn't actually mean it's right.? What's right and what's not then.?

Fuck, yet another post I managed to scribble out without knowing what is it about. Just fantastic.

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