Saturday, January 27, 2007

Honest or mean.?

I was taken aback by the sudden message. What seems to me as a perfectly genuine reply turns out to be a rather disappointing answer that actually hurts and I didn't know. Not at all.

I was lost for a moment, for I believe I did nothing wrong, but it turns out to be a sincere and honest come back could be interpreted or taken as a hurtful response or just sarcasm.

Tell me, is it wrong to be truthful then.?

At that very instance, I was stunned and asked back in return what's wrong. I was then informed that even though it was an honest answer, I should have given myself a chance to reconsider it and not put a full stop to it completely without thinking twice.

I'm ego, not used to having people asking me to think over something that I've already decided earlier. Especially on cases as small as these where I'm perfectly sure of what I want but it is what that slaps you directly in your face without warning.

Its not that I do not appreciate an honest feedback, but I wasn't expecting something as typical or as minute as an invitation turn down would be taken as something that actually hurts one so deeply.

I apologize nonetheless, for the so called slight damage I created. But I maintain my stand that I was just being honest. (The latest trend of saying sorry for the damage you've done but not what you did. HA!)

Not a fake person with a fake answer that one wish to hear, but not I what I intend to say. No, I would not do so just to be pleasant at your terms.

My heart tells me it is not wrong, my mind tells me it is not wrong, but one has to be careful with their words, speak with words of wisdom.? Or simply do not blurt words out like a fool.?

Being honest and knowing what to say at the same time, a necessity of surviving in this real world indeed.


zayne said...

honesty is not a problem and how people respond to your honesty is NOT YOUR problem.


Plunny said...

yeah! =)