Monday, January 22, 2007

Left footie on the run.

Today and yesterday had been quite a blast for my piggy foot.

After staying in room for one whole week and practically doing nothing, I went out. Not exactly out of campus, just out of my hostel where I limped all the to the centre and the library.

You see, when you're stuck in a small room with barely anything to do, you seek for something enlightening or at least you find it enjoyable to fill out those empty hours. Since the line was pretty jinxed up the past few days, I read and have done quite a few novels in. That's why I need to go to the library and get some more books. Yes, a book freak I may be but its still better than sleeping and sleeping and sleeping right.?

And to hell with sleeping, I've been sleeping so much in the first few days that it amazes myself how come I could still sleep soundly and early at night even after constants day naps.? And then suddenly, three bloody days ago, I decided not to nap and guess what, I couldn't sleep at night!

This actually continued till last night and that's the third night I'm suffering from insomnia! I would lay awake with my eyes widely open for at least 2 hours before I fall asleep. And since I have to bloody elevate my foot, I can't toss around that much and that's pretty torturing since I just have to lie there and wait till I manage to vent into my dreamland.

And today, I finally return to class. It's a little hard, had a friend to pick me up since the normal route to our faculty have to pass by a slightly steep hill and if I was to use my crutches and limp down, I think I would rolled down instead. Ha!

Besides answering a series of what happen to my foot, I guess that's pretty much about it. I mean, I understand that people are curious when you've been absent for a week and suddenly you reappear but with also another two crutches, there's bound to be questions.

I'm playing with my patience while repeating the same answers over and over again and I can't blame them can't I.? Perhaps I should shrug them off? I guess that's not very polite but then, the thing is, there are people who ask because they're curious, there are also people who ask because of concern or simply playing their sympathies.?

I guess I'm just ignorant enough to don't give a damn since there's something else that requires my attention more, my piggy foot. (And also my sore arms from using the crutches constantly and my right foot. I wonder by the time I recover, would I have a extremely well tone right foot from supporting my piggy left foot too much , but a softie tofu left foot.? HA!)


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