Thursday, January 25, 2007


I once wrote to myself that arrogance comes at a price. Being a bitch has its own consequences and not every one is willing to compromise that. At least, not the self claimed bitch.

Sometimes you feel rather admirable for your confidence. The ability to wear your own skin comfortably and show it the to world that you're very proud of it.

No low self esteem detected, an image full of confidence and faith that one look at you, people can already feel your aura. Eyes that glistens with light and paired with the gaze of a winner.

It brings you forward, you appeared calm and intelligent but with a surprisingly warmth approach that further balance the yin and yang of your zero-weakness personality that's blended along with a dose of humble and nobility.

Ah, the perfect human portrait that's disguised behind those awkward trademark smile that none of us is unfamiliar with.

The strong impression build has somehow blinded the inner eyes of common spectators. Those who look at you, but could not see you. Those who hears you, but could not listen to you.

You weep silently in your heart, praying wistfully that someday, someone would come and rescue you.

But when.? When your inside is within reach.? Are you foolish enough to so called wait for the destiny that awaits you.? What future have installed for you.?

No doubt, but as far as it seems that future might be there for you, nothing will happen if you just sit there and do nothing. For it is not like the rain, it will not fall upon you out of the blue just like that. You have to go there, and get it by yourself.

It's like an item you longed for, seated nicely on the shelf, waiting for you to rescue it. But you still have to go on your own. And till then, it awaits.

Do not depend on others to get it for you, for you would be expecting too much and despair will answer you instead. The assumption that there will be someone who would know what your inner heart desires, and what your thoughts are behind those strong appearance are enough to drown you while you're still smiling faithfully but foolishly.

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