Monday, January 29, 2007

Old Mr Chou

The Chinese culture has a saying that, sleeping means you're going to meet the "Chou Gong", or what we call in English, Old Mr Chou. It was believe that he guards the door that opens into dreams.

In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club, a little girl thinks that the Old Mr. Chou brings her to bad places and hence she refuses to sleep, to avoid nightmares.

There are times when she was about to fall asleep, when the Old Mr. Chou opens the door widely waiting for her to get in, but when she's getting close enough to the door, he slams the door at her face just like that! And there she goes, back into wakefulness, staring into the dark night waiting to fall asleep again.

When Old Mr Chou finally gets tired in the end, he left the door unwatched. And there she goes, sneaking in silently to the dreamland of hers, undisturbed. And slept.

For the past week, I've been suffering from insomnia that keeps me awake for a few hours after I've gone to bed. It's rather disturbing and extremely boring since I can't move around that much with a bad leg and imagine those two or three hours spent, with nothing to do but just lay there with wide open eyes.

Oh dear Old Mr Chou, please let me in would you.?

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