Friday, January 12, 2007

Stranger in the mirror.

If you seek to find yourself

Look not in a mirror

For there is but a shadow there

A stranger...

— Silenius, Odes to Truth

A pretender you are, and no mirror will reveal the actual you. So why then are you looking for yourself in front of the mirror.? A reflection that tells you nothing about you but lies, deceit and hypocrisy. It's sad, yet it's so true. Your image show someone else, not you. Who is it then.? Who's smiling back at you in front of the mirror while you're actually crying.? It shows someone who's wearing a mask with the same old expressions all the time, while beneath it, its a sulky face who's drowning in its own tears. Struggling. And the actual person is slowly fading away as time goes by, for it no longer know who it was, too busy being someone you're not, and forgot who you are. Faded. Lost. Forgotten. Gone. Forever.

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