Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thou shall not skate

Warning: Long and bored post, skip and save yourself from my rants.

First experience are usually not what you considered as good or pleasant one though some might be. Most of the time, first experience are more like experimental ones or simply an attempt out of curiosity.

Last Saturday night,I had a couple of first hand experience in which I have to say really enlighten my short life of exposure.

I went ice skating for the first time and eventually fell a couple of times on the icy floor in public mind you, and wet my buttocks being the klutz that I am. I guess nature calls when I fell flat on my left foot that's accompanied by a loud crack that certainly did freak me out.

But with the terrible throbbing pain that follows from it, I couldn't be bother to much with the enormous amount of unwanted, uninvited and unnecessary attention that comes with the whole clumsy stunt. It is not something I ask for nor something I want, but public area is public and its a freaking weekend night. Fantastic.

I was ushered to a room in a wheel chair and had my left ankle compressed with ice which eventually soothes my pain. And the rebellious and naughty me wasn't afraid at first and actually wanted to go out there and try again because it no longer hurts that much but against the norm, I should not, for its a weekend, the skating surface is too bloody wet, too many wannabe skaters wandering around that can just conveniently contribute to another traumatic fall.

I actually manage to get all the way back to hostel with my aching foot and imagine the shock in my friend's face when with my gigantic swollen left foot. Pig's leg. How nice.

I seek help from my hostel first aid, the red crescent club and looking my condition, they practically carry me to the uni's ER, mind you men power they use, two men lift me all the way to ER and imagine my humble tomato coloured face.

I was attended by a sleepy doctor who couldn't be bother with me and on hearing that I said there was a loud crack. Imagine my tremendous shock when all I heard from his grouchy voice was, CALL THE AMBULANCE. (After all, I thought I just sprained my ducky foot, not break it and it turns out that the truth was, I need an x-ray)

And that's when I had my first ambulance ride. I was attended by a grumpy nurse where I tried and understand its a midnight shift after all. A young resident doctor told me my x-ray was fine and discharge me with a day worth of painkillers. So much for a first ER experience.

And yesterday, I went again to the uni's clinic for my piggy leg seems to be swelling upwards, return with whole lot of medicine and there's when my parent's instinct decided to get help from outside.

And there I go, seek medication from a doctor which finally told me my left ankle ligament is torn. Not completely of course, just part of it, which fortunately I did not had any fractured bones and torn ligament is just peanuts. Just that the bad news would be it takes a hell lot of time to recover. And I'm not allow to exercise for quite a while. Being a torn ligament not only takes forever to joint back, but this spot now would remain as my weak spot from now on.

Ah, so much for an ice skating attempt that leaves a mark that runs a lifetime. And for the mean time, Miss Kelly is using crutches to aid her movements. Ah, just wonderful.


v a l e r i e t t y said...

Hi Miss Kelly,
I felt guilty for inviting u 2 skate.. =(
Hope u'll recover soon k.. Take care~

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh my god!!! Careful oh!!! =( I never had a real injury before.. touch wood but.. goodness gracious.. Ambulance and everything? I was so shocked when i read it! Careful ah!!! >.<

Take care k? Faster get well...

Hehe... surprised to see me here? =)