Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I'm an ego person, naturally I do not believe in suppressing your own feelings. I find it rather tormenting not to anyone else, but to yourself.

Why should we seek for something that will just draw sad faces to ourselves?

Why should we on purpose, chose to do something that's against our wishes and then further make yourself feeling worse.?

Why should we say yes just because everyone else did but deep down, you know your head is shaking, not nodding.

Why are we constantly forcing ourselves to do something that at the end of it, we know we'll suffer.?

Why do I still chose to skate when I known I'm an official Klutz and will fall and hurt myself.?

Why do we procrastinate even though we're afraid of failing yet another paper.?

Why do we pick a dish voluntarily even though we know for sure it taste terribly and still eat it.?

Why do we eat too much even though we know we're gonna vomit everything out right after we're done.?

Why do we runaway when we know we still have to turn back in the end.?

Why do we refuse to let go even though it's already long gone and is never gonna return.?

Why do we seek for problems when we knew we couldn't and wouldn't solve it.?

Why do we smile when we're actually crying.?

Why do I ask so many whys when I knew its gonna go unanswered.?

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