Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I dream

Why do we dream.?

Why do we fall asleep every night and will naturally without any force, wander into a world full of fantasy that we cannot reach under our very own will power.?

Dreaming is just what we happen to do. We have no power to control it, to dream, or not to dream. To dream what and not to dream what.

It just happen to be something we do unconsciously. If only science can explain why do we dream, and what exactly is behind those little dreamland of ours that we enter over and over again.?

For me, its another one of life's little wonder that cannot be explain. At least, not yet. Life's mystery.? There's no answer to what it means, nor why we have it, yet it is also inevitable. We cannot stop it from happening, or hope for it when to happen.

What would you choose then, if given the luxury to choose, a sleep without dream, or with.? And here, you haven't even venture into what dreams you would pick. If only we could.

It is not an ugly picture that science have yet to interpret precisely what our dreams mean. There are numerous scientific theories behind it but none of them have yet to be proven.

Perhaps there are just questions that's not meant to be answered, nor is it necessary that everything comes with an explanation. Life is not perfect, nothing is. And sometimes, it is actually a rather fortunate thing. In this case, it is. At least for me.

I seriously don't think it would be a very pretty picture if dreams can deciphered into words, numbers and meanings. Perhaps, the meaning of dream is that it is meant to be without any actual meaning behind it. HA!

If everything has a ready made manual that's complete with explanation, everything on earth discovered with full written answers, there would no longer be any mysteries, no more fun. A stagnant life. And we wouldn't want that to happen don't we.?

At least, not until I draw my last breath on this giant sphere.


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