Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mr. Chance

When you predicted that certain unhappiness or unfavourable things are coming towards you, would you do anything to prevent it.? Or simply lessen the harm that most probably might fall upon you.?

There are people who would not even lift a finger to change a thing even though they could see what was coming to them is not pretty. Was it because they're simply too stubborn to go against the so called what fate had in store for them.? Because it is not right to head a different direction from the destiny that awaits you.? Or because it has been followed for such a long time it has became a taboo, and no one, none at all dare to even suggest to not go this way but the other one.?

The security it guarantees over the years of tradition that bears no unexpected outcome. Everything came out as it was planned, another picture perfect that was expected. Dull as it may seems, but it portrays no threat nor any possible harm. Peace.

But when a certain gap appears suddenly, would you grab the chance you had and somehow add a little colour to that painting that was assumed and sketched earlier.? Who knows, it might be more colourful then what you've been drawing for as long as you can remember.?

For those who did not, they let Mr chance flew away. Oh he was there, waiting for you to invite him in. But you did not. You thought it wasn't necessary, or perhaps you did not have the courage to do so. After all, you've live so long and walk so far but you were not taught to practice such act nor even encouraged to try new things. Why change when everything was going fine.? Not even when there's a big opportunity waiting to be taken.?

I say what a fool you are. Though some might say, you're not greedy, you do not seek for anything out of the ordinary that seems to just stand out a little in the regular painting you've drawn. You're satisfied with what you have, you shall live a very long and peaceful life.

You gladly bow, offer your respect and show how grateful you are and then you leave and crawl back to the same old life of yours, doomed to be the same way for the rest of the days you breath on earth.

Its irony when you're asked, would you rather chose the life as mention earlier, or would you take a leap of faith and try your luck in a chance that you've been debating to take or not.? Who knows, it may yield fruitfully, and your painting might have been sighted or even taken as something extremely rare and full of life that suddenly, you've turn colourful overnight. You, not only your masterpiece.

That, of course is the best one would hope for, but they are the times when you took it bravely and it turns out to be worse than what you've expect. You can say it failed you, but at least the journey you took was rewarding enough, even though the destination wasn't. Remember, its not where you're going that matters, its the entire process of going that is.

If you've reach the place you've always dream of as the ideal destiny, congratulations. Lets hope all the walking had pay off not only with the lesson of your life, but the reward too. But if it didn't, at least you've got what you want, just not where you want.

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