Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I couldn't believe my eyes. The sight of it alone is enough to make me sick. I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't turn away from it. Its demanding my attention silently. And oddly, as much as it disgusts me, it has an invisible will power that's attracting my gaze, a fugly magnetic connection that I could hardly break. I couldn't bring myself to believe what that has happened. It tears me apart terribly to even accept this inevitable harsh fact. How I wish it could be wipe away, thrown away or just plainly ignored it. But I can't, its already there, staring at me, piercing into my stone cold heart directly it hurts. And it would remain there for as long as I know. There isn't anything I could do. I wanted to be saved right away, but who will rescue me.?

Would you.?

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