Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cut the queue!

This is an odd thing to do. To cut the line on purpose for the sake of observing responses of those who are being cut. And of course which include how their body posture changes, facial expression and if fortunately, some verbal response. Make that unfortunate in case we're face against one who throw unpleasant words.

But since that we're playing this scene inside the campus, most of those who are being cut just stares at us and throw us an unsatisfactory gaze from bottom to top but just kept quiet and made no move to cut back the line or even slightly protest.

Hmm, you can't exactly call them coward right.? It's just a normal response since cutting the line is already a trend well mingled in the society that we're just so used to it that we won't do much to it.

Even though we are hoping for some responses but certainly ain't asking for problems. We've done quite a few experiments and of course were worried of meeting someone who's in a foul mood and who knows might have some small actions or who knows what else.? It's still a public place after all.

Should I say we're quite fortunate that none do much but the most is just said that we cut their line and its their turn actually with a slightly unpleasant tone but nothing else.? Should we also say that we're unfortunate for our attempts are not that successful and hence bore not much results for our observation.?

I know this sound terribly odd but imagine our joy when there was a lady who look so mad and complaint to her friend while lightly tap our friend's shoulder and told him its her turn and in a well conserved manner and tone too. Of course, we're happy that finally we're getting a response besides the neutral it-doesn't-matter face and you can picture the look on their face when everything is over and we explained to them we cut the line on purpose to do some observation.

Yes, every single person who's our so called victim is granted with an apology and explanation by us. Well, there are some of the times where we have to chase them because they're normally slightly pissed but kept quiet and walked away rather quickly. Another way of telling us they're not happy or just trying to get rid of these no manners line cutting undergraduate students as soon as possible.?

And of course when you're just being cut in an ATM line and here comes a bunch of funny looking kids chasing after you, your mind might starts creating some wild imagination of what we might do to you. Sounds bull, but at the end, most of them usually have a confused or shocked look that's followed by a bashful smile upon our cheesy unpersuasive talk.

I shall say this is rather a funny thing to do. Quite interesting but also sometimes nerve wrecking. After all, there are certain people who has DON'T MESS WITH ME engraved in those scary eyes or sulky face.

Well, I guess there's still quite a majority of friendly or well mannered person in campus around. Let's just hope further experiments won't get us beaten up!

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