Friday, March 23, 2007

Die, died, dead, death.

Are you afraid of death.?

To some it may seems that death is a punishment for it puts an end to everything. Is it really so.? Death only puts a stop to the life you're living. To others where your existent matters so much in their life, it marks an entire different beginning for them. A life without you to go on with. Permanently.

Death is not punishment. It's a destination that everyone has to go at the end of the night. As dark it may seems, or how solemn it may sound, is the fear of death really that frightening?

What frighten humans most is the unknown. I've read somewhere that death is just as similar to birth. Just that human view birth as something beautiful as we're on this side of the portal and are able to see everything crystal clear.

As for death, it's in another side of the portal that's dark because we knew nothing about it at all. It remains a mystery, unknown and there's no way we can get any answers for it and when we did, it's already to late.

You're already dead.

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