Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feeling poetic

Boiling hot as days swam pass,
Oh, my tanned skin almost melt,
My eyes are blurred from class,
And laziness is all I felt.

The wind was breezing cool,
It blows me off and thy quivered,
But dear purple shade is then pull,
And poor umbrella blown crooked.

The water was freezing cold,
It cruised down in vain and I froze,
I took a bath with a moth,
That stares at me on the whole.

Night falls with monkeys prowls,
Dear banana, where are thou.?
Flooded with the human howls.
Oh calming peace, how I sought.

And that's how it is,
Colourful and bored in ways,
Life in a lively campus,
Oh, lets just call it a day.

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