Saturday, March 03, 2007

Super Mario

A lecturer of mine who's an associate professor that resembles an average size super mario character said that he hates English on the first day of his lecture. He claimed that English is stupid. Not that he's good with the language, at least not bad.

Another sarcasm from him was that he said he would like to be the Minister of Transportation so that he would be able to form a rule that bans all women from driving. He once again claimed that the female population doesn't know how to drive properly at all. Funny, careful and cautious driving and not to mention safe one too by us women is not the majority contributors to road accidents. HA!

After being booed by fellow course mates, ladies obviously, he continued by saying that he would also like to be the Minister of Education so that he could abolish the no smoking rule to all secondary school boys. According to him, this would solve the problem of student sneaking out to smoke in the washroom creating all the mess and no more cigarette butts will be dump into toilet bowls that caused plumbing problems.

Save plumbers fees, increase country revenues in ciggy's tax, increases medication revenues and decrease of population in country meaning more money for other citizens, not such a bad idea heh.?

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