Saturday, March 10, 2007


The thing about doing environmental related courses is that you can never runaway from field work. A friend actually asked me what is field work.

Is it when you go outside to the field and work.?

More like we venture outdoors and usually those so called work include hiking hills, going in and out of the forest while spotting this and that species or even catching and collecting them. For research purposes of course.

But in our case, its just for us to make an appearance for attendance sake. Yes we do have fun while stepping over huge branches and pile of dead leaves and carefully avoiding any unwanted falls but then and again, its part of the course, the subject and well, get exposed to some sun light in a secondary forest accompanied by some insects bites. (By the way, just got back from short half day field work in UKM forest reserve)

Days had seem long and short and occasionally you felt its really not sufficient enough to complete what you're suppose to do or what you want. I find myself trying to make myself busy, but at the same time unwilling to commit what I had set for myself. I pile up the work and when the time comes, I chose to read a book or watch a movie instead of doing my work. Ah typical procrastinator.

Days has been blue as usual, thinking odd, accompanied by boiling hot weather, indulging in self pity, hiding my skeletons away. I do not need another comment that I've changed, or I'm weird again.

I already know I am. Thanks.

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