Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bored to hell

I need motivation to read those same identical slides over and over again and force those biological terms into my stubborn brain without directly memorizing them. I suck at memorizing but it doesn't explain why I like Biology more than Chemistry and Physics. Wonders, another score for my weirdness scale. I want to score well for the paper so badly and even though I practically did cover the syllabus I am not confident because I couldn't remember much from it. Another outcome when there's no possible way I could remember every bloody word out of the slide. Only option left is to read it over as much as I can while time still allows it and pray that I can at least recite what does the freaking Scientific name or term means. What I need now is caffeine and sleep which doesn't match and most of all, genuine will power to read those bloody slides and sincerely wished those facts would venture into my brain cells, hopefully.

Am just ranting, not stressed out.


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