Friday, April 06, 2007


I would never ever enclose my personal life in front of the class. Nor would I brilliantly chose a topic of presentation that involves my juicy little secrets of the other side of me beside the one I am inside the class.

Not that I'm ashamed of the way I live or that I'm a badass scumbag and hence whatever I do should be a secret and not announce to the whole world. And I am not leading a dark life that cannot be revealed to any ray of lights at all or else would suffer a horrid death, but the fact that such confidentiality's seems inappropriate to be shared to everyone who practically has the ability to hear.

And I find it rather amusing to hear my friends sharing their future family plan for everyone to listen. I wonder what makes them actually wanna tell the whole world that they've decided that at 21, wanna exchange the till-death-do-us-apart vow, or for-richer-or-poorer thingy when they finally turn 26.? Not to mention to have three little monsters and leave them for dear parents in law to clean up their messes of faeces and drooling saliva?

Okay, it's perfectly sane to plan it before hand and stuff, bless you for such a big-heart to throw away freedom at an age so young to start your dream family and so amazingly noble to share it with us. How nice. =.=

What I don't get is why are they dying to get those hypocrite faces of I'm-happy-for-you from every single one who's keen enough to lend their sympathetic ears with pathetic fake eyes expression. And who actually told me you can't fake how your eyes expresses themselves because eyes is the window to your soul? Bite me.


But on the other side, I myself have been keeping a blog for almost three years and all this while, I hardly included anything personal here. Not that I'm suppressing myself, I just simply thought its not right and yes I do not want to throw everything here on the net which is practically equivalent as telling the whole world of what I think.

I guess this is what you get when you're born weird. Mentally of course but not necessarily wrong (weird doesn't mean you're crazy, it means you're different), or perhaps you just grew up to be such an ass and unsurprisingly some narcissism just manage to creep in those odd blue coloured blood.

Can't resist it, simply the world's perfect match of traits from the bottom.



Hans' said...

You're not weird, you're special

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