Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pardon me.

After being heavily contaminated with humongous amount of so called facts of how certain particular civilization supersedes another one which is extremely evil and wicked and not forgetting to boast how great they think they are.

Quite interesting in the sense I thought what we're trying to implement here is an equality towards everyone and not by praising someone high up till they reach the sky and can eventually touch the clouds while at the same time conveniently thrushes the enemy or what they labelled as merely another party which is obviously not on the same par with them but definitely not enemy, (They're very noble and the world nicest species that they don't and never make enemies remember.?) to the deepest end of Mariana Trench and of course hopefully and secretly wished that they're crushed out from the earth once and for all and penetrates into the mantle and ABRACADABRA, they vanish from earth. How magnificent.!


I'm utterly satisfied with myself and so damn glad that I have yet to be bias or actually reconsider what those 226 pages had claimed that's obviously trying to brainwash every single undergraduates that's of course one of our famous compulsory nonsense subject.

You see, being a public university undergraduate in our dearest Boleh Land is that you're given the great opportunity to experience certain complete unnecessary rubbish that's claimed to help boost national integration among our beautifully multi racial and of course those zillions of cultures that comes along with it.

But the irony of it is that, these brilliant academics who's also the authors of those pages of rubbish information just enjoy so much thrashing the others while in the same time saying they do accept if its good for them but won't if it isn't. If it was that simple, fine then. But instead they go on and on over hundreds of pages of how negative others are and how positive they are.

Hell, what's the point then if the whole bloody subject involves uplifting yourself while downgrading in what you believe is posing a great threat to you.? Or perhaps the truth was, they're at the same time black listing you just like the way you're doing it to us now.? No wonder they're trying so hard to paint such an ugly picture and practically shoving it in front of our nose so that we won't even dare to missed it!

Amusing as it is, we're treated as undergraduates with three year old mind that will come crawling back to you just because you gave us ice cream or in other words, make us believe and hope that the other half of the world will suddenly wake up from centuries of sleep and decides that you're right, you're the best and by jolly I love you so much I can't wait to die for you.?

Even an actual three year old today won't say ''Oh I'm so stupid you're so clever I want to go with you forever even if I have to die and I won't get to sleep with teddy anymore''. No they won't. Even if you give them ice cream.

So what makes them actually think that these foolishly written stupid facts that was honestly assumed would help us treat our neighbours better or love our enemies more.? I doubt, with such detailed conspiracy theories, I thought everything just seems to be getting worse instead.

I mean, no offence if it does work for certain someone who actually give a damn bout what that book repeatedly boast about or even dare to be discussed deeply, (I forgot they're actually trying to teach us something) but well perhaps it can serve as an entertainment or another subject for you to laze around just to release some stress heh.?

After all, there are plenty of fun facts that raises a number of question marks. Interesting in a way, funny in another way, idiotic in another way. You decide after you've forcefully read it just because you don't have a bloody choice like me, IPTA remember? And it's WAJIB?

Oh ya, one of the ultimate fun fact was it actually said that Japan is one of the Veto powers. Man, bet those Japs love them so damn much. Can't believe I almost forget that. (Yes, I did actually read that bloody book for the sake of my grades, duh.)

I mean, how could I right.? Bless me, just ingested that particular subject and well, it has to be egested right? =))


december23 said...

u read d whole book??

it's so ridiculous that their "Almighty" created those illness and also the medicines for d illnesses. Y dun He makes His people healthy?? And IF He did create the medicines, y there are STILL incurable diseases?? Sigh~

Plunny said...

It's practically the same reason over and over again, like their existence on earth is a test lor, so give them diseases lor, and trust he will heal you lor YADA YADA the list go on and on....I'm a Christian and we believe life is a test but I thought it is to everyone but we don't downgrade other religion though.....Yes my dear,I did read the whole damn book...hahaha....

Ianfluenza said...

Hi Kelly... LONG LONG LONG time no see... Been so busy...

Anyways... Double standards never cease to exist everywhere. It is up to you to question your own definition of the word 'integrity' and set your own standards. I guess you already have. Ah well...

Take it easy ya? :)

Plunny said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by Ian!