Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wikie and googie....

Remember when lecturers gave a bunch of reason why not to copy paste information from the net directly and hand it in as our masterpiece? And how they try to discouraged us from using the web as our only sole source for any assignments or research work.?

Which at the end is what we always do.?

But how could we possibly forget that? They never fail to remind us every single time we're given work to do. But of course they do encouraged you to look for information, just don't completely rely on the net because you don't know who wrote it and its authenticity is doubtful. DUH..

"You can googled it up, but it's much better and more trustworthy to go and look for it in the library. You do know we have the richest library in the region.?"

(Lecturers just never got tired of promoting where they're working don't they.? I don't know, I'm not actually sick of it, I'm more like, developing an immunity towards these praises) DUH..

It's ridiculously funny when I was trying hard to be a good student and surf the net for extra information regarding some lecture notes and at the same time oddly impressed with some bombastic vocabulary used in those slides. Coming out from someone who can't even speak well enough to teach, it's rather impressive or should I say, suspicious.?

You see, I'm not saying their English sucks and I can't make a word of what they're actually talking about. I dare not say so because I ain't qualified nor am I anyone at all to judge. I was just curious because I thought that its rather big and surprising when someone is practically running extremely fast in a self made video clip when in reality, they can't even walk yet.

And, majority of them spend some time soaking in the salty water of Mediterranean Sea or floating in the Dead Sea before they came back gloriously with a PhD and end up teaching us bunch of nutty adolescences accompanied by hundreds of university monkeys nearby. (Actually, I'm just trying to say they got their Permanent Head Damage overseas)

What I was trying to say is that, imagine my surprise when I was wiki-ing some juicy extra details and to my surprise, the description there is like identical to those in my print-outs slide that's so called prepared by my dear lecturer who also never fail to mention that they came back from ....(insert any developed countries)

Either they wrote those entire series of wiki page which is the twin of their notes, or perhaps they're just like us. It would seem okay if only a few of them are the same and the rest are purely original with some grammar mistakes occasionally or simply another different choice of word.

It is not, when you keep re-reading your lecture notes and you can't help but felt that the entire thing felt so freaking familiar. Like, it's something you've read before somewhere else. Oh yeah, I forgot this what was I'd actually got after I wikied/googled it! DUH....

But seriously though, I won't blame them, after all they didn't make the bloody Internet so incredibly convenient didn't they.? They're just following the trend and guess that explains where we, the undergraduates got it from.



|^2Sane| said...

I get most of my journals that I need from google. It is one of the best search engines around. Although, I usually end up in some online library. But sometimes I get rare papers that sits in a personal website run by an academic on a university network.

And I do sometimes cite from sources that I obtain from wikipedia.

My point is, google is good at what it does. Being one of the best search engines around. It is just a freaking tool.

Wikipedia? Providing good links to good sources through their citation system and of course, giving a brief overview of a subject.

The thing is these lecturers don't get with the times. And I suspect simple because they do not understand them, they discourage students to use them.

In my opinion, they should rather, teach students on how to differentiate good sources from bad sources in the world wide web.

Plunny said...

Yeah, google practically has everything and wikipedia is like the fundamental of information surfing.... Perhaps maybe by discouraging us, they're hoping we won't find out they just copy paste too instead of using is as a tool to produce something else.....And it saves their job or else we'll have internet teaching us instead..Hahaha....