Sunday, May 06, 2007

As promised

Every time I came home, I come upon new things whether on the way back, or when I'm once again settled down in a place so familiar that even my blood can recognise it's very own scent.

These new discoveries, most of the time, draws a smile to my well hidden heart.

When things had started to head towards a favourable track, something that you never expected before to happen nor to change at all, is slowly shaping out beautifully. You gaze curiously at it and as return, you're greeted by a row of pearly white sparkling teeth as an answer to your doubt. Naturally, it erased those halos of question marks dancing above your head.

Tiny little actions that's hardly visible to those pedestrians that pass by our life's everyday. If you did not take a small break to breathe deeply before continuing, would you realised how much and how far things had changed since the day you left.? Or perhaps, since the day your rational mind had finally outgrown your instincts?

Visible alterations are not as valuable or meaningful as they may seem to be, especially to you who are currently growing within yourself. Being able to observe those tiny gestures that marks a great difference between each other are what that melts your stone cold heart and bring new hopes to you.

To really understand what's happening around you, and how they had managed to overcome each and everyone successfully while you're not here. To notice that such breakthrough whether mentally or physically they've achieved when you're away, tells you that not only you've changed, so did I.

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