Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blue nuts.

I think I'm getting much weirder even though the blue trait is slightly fading to the background. Given the fact that I'm so damn free nowadays, my brain is practically free to wander around on unnecessary thoughts or even think about something that I actually refuse to in the beginning, or in other words, what I'm avoiding. The odd thing is, I don't. In fact, I don't actually think much these days. Not that there's anything for me to think, even if there is, it doesn't take long to sort things out and hence the end of another self brain discussion. But the reason that made me realise I'm getting weirder is because I've been talking to myself a lot lately, and mind you, it's out loud. Not self monologue, in fact I'm imagining situations and speaking out as a person in that particular scene I created within my little brain cells. It's like I'm putting myself in a fictitious drama and solving the problem inside the picture that I initially painted myself, like a practice for me or something if these little scene does happen one faithful day. Which of course is kinda odd because you create a problem for yourself to then solve it back on your own by talking to yourself like a mania. But somehow, all these talking-to-myself mode doesn't actually bother me that much or should I start worrying that I'm turning into a nut cracker or an extreme day dreamer imagining myself as someone else in some place different. And I didn't just grew these weird genes out of the blue, I've been spending my day time trying to complete a 4000 pieces jigsaw puzzle that's driving me up the wall where it is also during those minutes full of patience that allows me to talk to myself over and over again without worrying of being overheard. Not that it matters. HA! And running movie marathon by night time whereby these two nights is replaced by Heroes that's sending me the spooks and thirsty for more heroic blood. And I doubt, these two doesn't help at all in getting me more weird but much less blue. Ah, the odds and the ends mixing together.


By the way, blog turns three today. Happy Birthday!

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