Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flightless wings.

I think I've mentioned quite a couple of times where when you're the baby of the family, you will always be.

Of course, the same applies to parents.

I remember there was once I was being the normal rebellious teenager and started shooting my mum for why is she treating me like a baby when I've already got full grown wings attached at my back, just that I haven't actually started to fly yet. I complained to myself that the more she ignores my wings, the more I can't wait to fly away. Far. Period.

And thinking back, I knew why I didn't spread out my wings and flew out that very instance or the many times I pissed my mum off so hard or when I was royally fucked a million times during those typically unreasonable mum and daughter strenuous moments.

You see, the thing is, I didn't knew how to fly yet. And even if I did try, I would just end up falling hard on the ground, crawling back to the usual comfy embrace that would never give up and always readily to mend me back.

Even though sometimes, you sense that they're slightly reluctant to do so. And all of these comes from the good intention of not wanting to see you get hurt again, or simply just to reduce the future injuries or damage you will come across when the day comes and you've flown. Selfish.? Who isn't.?

And I believe, even when they clearly knew that you can fly now, they still chose to ignored it when certain time kicks in. Even if you've already flew sky high and touched the clouds, you are still the same old kid and will always appeared as one to your same old parents.

You knew how my mum answered me calmly without yelling at me for once.? She said grandpa still talks to her the same way he did since the day she could remember how it was, the same old fatherly tone back when she was my age. =)

I guess there's just something that doesn't and will never change for good.


Anonymous said...

hey! Just stumbled across your blog..and, I gotta say ,I really like it!
mine's a bit more dumbass than yours, but everynow and again I tend to wander over to the darkside too.
Always the blogosphere, you are never alone.

Plunny said...

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!