Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Few days ago when I was travelling with my parents, it struck me hard that it's been ages since I've been on a plane with dear dad. We've travelled together, but majority of them is road trip. And most of the time, we hang out on our own. As in we don't usually go everywhere together.

As for mom, I've always been to different places with her and we enjoyed each other company and even though I'm always throwing tantrums at her, hardly avoiding to not make her not pissed up. Trust me I do. But it's been a while, or perhaps never before that I, travelled alone with both my parents.

This time around, three of us spend most of the time together, and it brought me back to the time when I was alone in home with both of my parents only. When big sis and bro were still studying away from home, leaving poor baby sister struggling between two stubborn big grown ups.

Yes, no doubt where I inherited those obstinate genes?

Another thing is that, its not often that you're sharing a few days together in a small place where almost every single minute is spend together.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, its rather inspiring and the different perspective opened are rather, indifferent. Extraordinary.

I mean, when you're at home, dad works, mom handle household stuff and you just play your role as a student, even if you're not, you go out or just hide in your little world or four walls in that tiny bedroom. Even when it's holiday, dad's not working you just either go out for a while or something.

But you don't spend the time in a same room together for many hours with practically nothing to do which obviously makes everything to seems longer? It's like it takes the needle forever to complete a full rotation and voila, an hour just passed around the clock.

It suddenly occurs to me that, this could be the last time I would be travelling alone with both my parents, no more time together in airport, no more staying in the same hotel room together, no more going every where with just the three of us.

It makes me feel old, that I'm no longer the small girl who can always prob mom with loads of questions when I'm bored, or cling to dad when someone bullied me.

But deep down, it tells me that I'm not the only one who's growing up, but my parents are no longer as young as I think they are.

I'm not saying they're old, but that it's time to be independent even though my siblings and I are pretty much able to stand on our own feets already since we're brought up that way. But to no longer need our parents to worry about us, or simply just let them loosen up a little when it comes to our well being.

But then, parents will always be parents, we kids, will always be kids to them. As for me, the baby of the family, will always appear as someone who wears a pacifier all the time.

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