Sunday, June 17, 2007

I saw you

I realised that lately its been awfully odd for me in observing how strangers seems to inspire me in a rather extremely weird way.

A look at someone you have never come upon before in your whole life suddenly just triggers another massive self reciting of what that person tells you. Perhaps its slightly ironic and completely opposite when it comes to the usual phrase of don't judge a book by its cover, but sometime looks do say something beyond the usual stuff.

A little warm gesture between siblings, a little smirk on the face of your neighbour, a little twinkle in the eye between partners, a sad little smile of a youth, an empty expression worn on a pretty lady, or simply a little dirt in the finger nails of a beggar seems to be painting out a picture right in front of your eyes.?

Does it justify anything then.?

Every person held their very own story, whether it manages to seeps through your mind by simply just looking at their eyes for the very first gaze or again, it's just another passer by in the road you're heading down.?

Life on its own is a story itself, perhaps multiple different tales in one single life. And its inevitable that there's just so much pedestrians that happens to be just walking down the same road as you but to different destination. And just how many would you be able to realise that they do help to generate certain thoughts in your mind then.? Or perhaps, just how many would you actually pay enough attention to register their mere existence in your life for a split second.?

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