Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm not old.

It's funny when your much younger cousin starts interrogating you about your social life and why on earth aren't you seeing anyone at all. Since when does being unattached is a crime.?

Or when their curiosity gets hungrier and start probing you on why aren't you going out with the one or two friend of yours that they happened to coincidentally met while out with you.? Or why are you spending so much time at home instead of going out with this guy or that guy and start shaking my booty while flirting up with them.? A whole bunch of assumptions combine with non-stop questions follow suits after that and you can't help it but wonder are they simply growing too fast or its just me that's getting old.?

When you realise you're being asked constantly about boys and girls by someone who used to listen and obey to everything you said with no questions asked at all, it does make a whole lot different to the entire picture. They're dying to know the usual stories of how boy meets girl and how it further developed to whatever their young minds can imagine, I mean I'm not at the stage to be giving this lecture to hormones raging adolescents.

Seriously, I'm not that old, might be slightly a few years senior but it doesn't mean I'm having grey hairs all over. And I haven't reach the stage where being single is labelled as a spinster and is still freaking far away from that mind you.

It annoys me to think that people are worried and wonder why you're watching a movie with a bunch of girlfriends instead of a partner when myself is completely enjoying all these moments to bits.?

I'm only 20 you know.?

And why all of a sudden these young cousins of mine seems to be so overly interested in my personal life.? Or perhaps they're just trying to get rid of me to reduce the number of adults around them.? Which cross out another pair of eyes that watches them and of course hopefully wish there's lesser chance of being corrected from misbehaving.?


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