Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mom (Part 2)

Brother's friend : *Cursing some poor lady's nether region*
Mom : How can you say that when you also come out from there.?
Brother's friend : No offence auntie, but I'm from Caesarean one lah! HAHA!
Mom : Oh, so you very proud lar since you didn't crawl out from there and you can swear it out loud.?
Brother's friend : Yalar auntie!
Mom : You young people, think you very smart is it. You don't even know what is Caeserean. You think the doctor just cut your mommy's belly and take you out arr.?
Brother's friend : If not.?
Mom : Oh, so you think you spend nine months in your's mommy's tummy lar.? You didn't even know you're in her uterus and that's the place the doctor cut open.? And still pandai pandai say you're not from there!
Brother's friend : =.=

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