Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What's more interesting than being addressed in front of a class of a hundred students by the ultimate drama king lecturer that you were sleeping when everyone was laughing at his jokes.?

Yes, this actually happened because I was trying so freaking hard to stay awake in a 2 hour class.? Can't blame me after a sleepless night, can't you.?

Plus, I'm starting to get sick of his dramatic way of teaching just to prevent us from dozing off which I apparently did.? Yes, perhaps my attention span is slightly shorter than certain goodie students.

Interesting to say.

It was a choice made voluntarily that one shall not regret, I presumed. You are as committed as you allow yourself to be and there's no one to be blame or anything to stop you from backing away. But as things goes further, your eyes are opened to certain unwanted uncertainties which is obviously not within your hands. Especially when you realise a lot of them are unfavourable due to unexpected internal conflicts that just never seem to ceased. Perhaps nothing is perfect plays another role here.

To go or not to go, take your pick.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Idiot vs Silly

It's funny when you started cursing like hell and pissed till the extent where invisible fireworks are actually spitting out at the top of your head and just a second later, you realised what a fool you've been.

Whatever that had gotten you into such state obviously was no longer an issue anymore. Not only that, you find yourself incredibly stupid because of a little mistake that triggered the flame within yourself.

A tiny storm in you that of course wasn't visible to anyone but you yourself. Somehow when it come to rest, you can't stop laughing, at yourself.

Those little moments that happens all the time, humoring but also silly. Something not exactly within our control, but not exactly out of control.

Perhaps being busy, crushing out all the free time is not exactly such a bad thing after all. As exhausting it may be, it keeps you occupied. Even though that means you're doomed to a resident with no bloody internet connection.

No rubbish thinking, no unnecessary mind boggling thoughts, no nonsense that the arrogant me couldn't tolerate.

Even though it doesn't make me more lovable though.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I got back on Sunday afternoon where I moved my stuff which is a lot, to the new hostel with the help of my uncle who pick me up from airport.

The new place is of course nonetheless extremely different from the one I stayed during my freshman year. And I can say that staying outside of campus after enjoying the luxury of a room that only require me to walk down the hill to class does make a whole lot different.

In fact, in this new resident of mine, the only factor that didn't change is perhaps the furniture provided, and of course my roomie, fortunately.

Okay, actually the place is not half bad, slightly better than what I've expected earlier but it's not that bad. You get the picture.

This time, we're not only entitled to a room with four walls, its basically a flat unit with a living room, three bedrooms and two bathroom. Well at least we no longer have to share the loo with the rest in the same level as we used to. And the place is less shabbier with walls that's actually still white, not contaminated yellowish dirty ones.

There's no canteen available, guards practically was just there to make an appearance, anyone in the building is welcome to enter and leave, no body actually cared.

It seems to me that after a few days there, certain among of people sure are enjoying it, afterall, their race or religion restrict people of different gender from going too close or mixing around too much in the public and obviously when there's no one to keep an eye on you, everyone is just free to go.

And one of the best thing there is that there's no cats nor monkeys as your neighbours. No cats that follows you to the bathroom or wail at your door begging for leftovers.

But still, on top of that, the biggest problem is transportation and that's not such a pretty picture. I don't mind having to use shuttle service back and forth to campus but when your lecture hours is so scattered to the extent where I have to stay in campus one whole day, this is really ugly.

I practically spend 8 t0 9 hours a day just attending lectures and roaming around. Packed lecture hours on certain days with an hour or two gap in between and going back to hostel takes a bout half the free time by waiting the bus and its just highly inadvisable. And I haven't a clue why my course suddenly requires so much lab work that consume a hell lot of time which makes a whole week of long hours, just like working.

And by the time I reached the hostel, its practically night time and yes I'm exhausted with blacker and droopier eyes as the clock ticks away everyday.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm heading back to KL tomorrow.

And at barely 21 years old, I have high cholesterol thanks to my great genes inheritance.

No, I am not lying and lately I'm just not keen into writing. At all.

Till then.