Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Idiot vs Silly

It's funny when you started cursing like hell and pissed till the extent where invisible fireworks are actually spitting out at the top of your head and just a second later, you realised what a fool you've been.

Whatever that had gotten you into such state obviously was no longer an issue anymore. Not only that, you find yourself incredibly stupid because of a little mistake that triggered the flame within yourself.

A tiny storm in you that of course wasn't visible to anyone but you yourself. Somehow when it come to rest, you can't stop laughing, at yourself.

Those little moments that happens all the time, humoring but also silly. Something not exactly within our control, but not exactly out of control.

Perhaps being busy, crushing out all the free time is not exactly such a bad thing after all. As exhausting it may be, it keeps you occupied. Even though that means you're doomed to a resident with no bloody internet connection.

No rubbish thinking, no unnecessary mind boggling thoughts, no nonsense that the arrogant me couldn't tolerate.

Even though it doesn't make me more lovable though.


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