Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What's more interesting than being addressed in front of a class of a hundred students by the ultimate drama king lecturer that you were sleeping when everyone was laughing at his jokes.?

Yes, this actually happened because I was trying so freaking hard to stay awake in a 2 hour class.? Can't blame me after a sleepless night, can't you.?

Plus, I'm starting to get sick of his dramatic way of teaching just to prevent us from dozing off which I apparently did.? Yes, perhaps my attention span is slightly shorter than certain goodie students.

Interesting to say.

It was a choice made voluntarily that one shall not regret, I presumed. You are as committed as you allow yourself to be and there's no one to be blame or anything to stop you from backing away. But as things goes further, your eyes are opened to certain unwanted uncertainties which is obviously not within your hands. Especially when you realise a lot of them are unfavourable due to unexpected internal conflicts that just never seem to ceased. Perhaps nothing is perfect plays another role here.

To go or not to go, take your pick.

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