Saturday, August 04, 2007

Broken Kite

I felt completely hopeless, shattered and unable to do anything to make it better. To ease the pain that pierces directly into its heart, to throw away all the sorrows that's deeply buried, to free it from the tight grasp that no one is able to even slightly loosen it. There's nothing I could do, there's nothing you can do, we can just sit while the kite soars in the sky, flying higher and higher waiting for it's time to come. And when it does, there we are, watching the sad scene, as the thread untwist itself and slowly breaks, disconnected. There goes the other half, drifting senselessly to the ground, hardly noticeable while the piece of colourful diamond shaped paper floats in the sky to a place no one knew, fate undetermined, waiting to be found, rescued.

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I'm ME said...

y u so blue again??