Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm not blue.

When was the last time I actually sat down, stare at my reflection from a mirror, and ask myself if I'm happy.?

When was the last time I actually self evaluate my current condition and all those wacky things around me happening at the same time.?

In fact, when was the last time I actually sat down quietly, doing nothing.?

Enjoying the moment of being an idiot without doing anything at all and actually feel good about it.?

To think of it, it wasn't that long during those hibernating days back at home.

Life is chasing me, and time is haunting me by flying over without even realising it. It's like going to bed everynight without actually knowing what I've done today. The only thing that my brain registered was I'm exhausted and I need to sleep NOW!

I couldn't even remember what was my last meal, or who I met during the day and what I said to them.

Everything is completed in a rush without stopping a second or two to think twice.

Is this good.? Or bad.?

Again, there's no exact definition for it.

I might be living in such blur state that I hardly knew what's actually happening, but then again, if I wasn't keeping myself busy, there would be nothing for me to do and I would felt like a useless person wasting time day by day.

Hmmm...the odds and the ends.

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