Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life fucked.

Life sucks.

Who's doesn't?

It's practically a FACT that I believe most people won't even take a split second to doubt about its authenticity. Well at least not to misanthropists and of course cynics.

The truth is, you'll be surprised at how often this two little words are uttered among ourselves. It might not sound significant, I don't blame it. After all, its a rant so common that none of us are actually not used to it.

Well unless you've been living around carefree people in a really really loving environment where accidentally stepping on an ant and causing its unfortunate death is the greatest crime of all, I'll zipped my mouth.

As ugly as reality may seem to be, there's practically nothing we could do to make it more beautiful. We're only left with the option to not allow all life's nasty little tricks to threaten us as much as they propose to do.

Reduce its impact to as low as possible before we're really fucked up?

But in the end, we're still moaning on how life sucks, how life had really screwed us. What can we do but get used to it.?

For life is always full of uncertainties that most of the time turns out to be a monster trying to eat us alive. Just like the scary bed monster we fear so much when we were little, crawling out from under while we're far away in piggy's dreamland.

Is there really nothing we could do? But just learn to accept it better, how to handle it without creating such a havoc contaminating our life on a daily basic.?

With these naturally occurring suicidal factors happening at about every consecutive second, just how much can one actually be able to absorb it.?

I do not believe we have a bottomless heart that can continuously receive life's many hideous acts upon us. Nor do I believe our mind are impermeable to constant ugly scene playing over and over again.

I believe there is a limit of tolerance that sooner or later will be on the verge of breaking point that's out of our reach and its either fatal or simply too fucked up that its completely irreversible.

I only believe that the more grey hairs we have, the more flexible we became in responding life's many aspect. Whether a pretty sight, or an awful one. Old saying, you learn as you grow, you just didn't realise it. It's life's natural way of defending yourself against life's other nature fuck up way.

The choice to sit back and do nothing and let life drag you further down since no matter what you do, life still sucks and it won't stop screwing you.

Or to take the advantage and act against it. On being unable to stop life's quirky little act but not allowing it to fuck you just because it wants too.?

It's pretty simple you know. It's like how most people wants to get the best out of you without you consenting it. Of course, there's nothing you could do to make them not feel it, its normal you know, for being materialistic. Wanting to give nothing, but to have everything. But it doesn't mean you're obliged to do it, just because someone wants to.

See.? It isn't that hard to understand, just that the sad thing is its completely different from actually applying it.


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