Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wish me luck

Things we’ve lost, will always find its way back to us, even though it might not be in the way we expect.

I find myself lost in pool of thoughts that sometimes amazes me, wandering in fantasies of my own that I’m fully aware will never happen nor even dare to even think of acting it in reality.

Envying a lot of issues that I could never do for the sake of my conscience, yet it an extremely odd way, it soothes or satisfy me because thinking alone is enough to fulfil my inner craving on certain imaginations that can't possible be taken seriously in any accounts.

Reality will still then, bring me back even though I did not ask for it. It greets me with a great big smile, telling me its okay to drift away, as long as I manage to find my way back when the time has come.

Forgive me for acting weird (I'm just being myself), but perhaps this is the only getaway one could get when faced with 6 assignments due next week with hardly any decent beauty sleep not to mention drop a few rantie words here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

To be continued

It's been a while

Okay, I hate that line. Used it every time after not posting for quite a period. Just to update what's been happening.

The day I became eligible to vote and signing marriage papers without parents consent was spend procrastinating hoping for a long awaited phone call that never came which was oddly answered by tears that wouldn't fall.

The number of times I walked around campus chasing letters and bills to fill back my emptying account, explaining why the bloody uni's inefficient administration owing me cash and how my pocket is drilled with a hole that will be staying there for quite some month. And still is.

The lack of sleep and fun all contributed to endless pieces of assignments each due on the different weeks consecutively. Not forgetting waiting till the eleventh hour to finally complete it and in the same time, burning my ass with midnight cookies to cover up stupid subjects for mid sem papers that unsurprisingly yield results I shall not even look.

The moment spend driving alone discovering routes I never knew which oddly calm me down though was a little lonely. Realising I forgot to switch on the night lights only after I reached the loyal parking space waiting for me, same time thanking God I did not drove far nor did anything stupid.

The patience and will to actually not explode in enduring endless tension that's self manufactured by my crooked brain cells trying to free themselves, though unsuccessful. Obviously.

Self evaluation time spent alone in room, talking to myself like a psycho praying silently that my neighbours did not hear me ranting out every single word that sound like cursing someone to hell.

That's for now.