Saturday, October 20, 2007


That's what she said in an undertone.

It sound so easy yet it's so difficult for me to accept its simplicity. How ironic.

A short little phrase that can be heard always, yet the meaning that it carried is so much deeper than that.

I was told, it doesn't matter how you became, what people say and what it might seems to those. More over, why bother for something that's said by people who you don't even care.?

There's just no logical explanation behind it.

But yet, we humans are always subjected to what people say and think about us. It matters so much that it even affects our sanity .

Yet, why do we still waste time that we don't have enough, in worrying things that don't have to be worried such as unnecessary comments that we despised made by people we don't like?

What's the whole bloody point.?

Why bother if I'm actually happy?

But the truth is, am I really happy then.?

How can I be save when I myself don't even know what the hell is wrong.?

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