Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spare me

I never like horror movies.

Yes, call me a coward or chicken. I just don't see the sense of paying to get yourself freaked out. Or get yourself disgusted with ugly scenes. It's idiotic. At least for me.

I might be slightly timid in watching horror shows by blocking the monitor with my hand but still, I rather chose not to watch them.

Even though it's ironic to the fact that I have completely no problem watching scenes with corpses being dissected or mummified or just plain disgusting.

I have no problem watching surgery's on the telly or pieces of a human body being blown up but yes, I can't watch horror scenes with the spiritual stories invented to scare the hell out of me.

Yes, eventually for the first time of my life, I walk out from a cinema after only watching for 20 minutes. Yes, I was freaked, I'm a coward but hey, even though I already paid for it, I'm still not gonna let it spoil my good night sleep just because some goofy movie makers trying to fill their pockets by hoping more guys will bring girls to watch horror shows while one tried to be brave and the other tried to be scared.

No, ain't not falling into that trap!

And what's happening to this world? A 12 year old practically added me into his list and ask why am I still playing msn.? Am I getting old or its just the kids catching up with us too soon? =/

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