Sunday, October 07, 2007


Something is wrong。

I return to my familiar old bed exhausted and without doubt will be having my precious beauty sleep but I didn't. In fact, I couldn't.

I couldn't seek the comfort I was looking for from my pillow that doesn't sink to the bottom after being compressed by my heavy head.

As I lie down, I was still having difficulties in getting some decent sleep, and when I did, I recall waking up and find myself soak in sweat.

And the air conditioner was on the whole night in a rather comfortable temperature, not too cold just right enough. And still, why did I perspire?

And my sinusitis symptom return not long after my day started.

Combination of hot and cold.?



james said...

bad dreams is what i call it.
something that make u nervous playing in your mind.
not that i m the best person to give an advice, i m probably much worst off than you.
search for peace, perhaps that will rectify the problem.

Plunny said...

no it's not nightmare..just can't sleep...and how am i to look for peace?