Friday, November 30, 2007

Look around

You know when your mind is too pre-occupied with getting something done you tend to forget other important stuff that's also happening at the same time.? Especially if you're worried that whatever you're doing will be discovered, in other words, something that you shouldn't be doing.

One second, you felt completely relieved that you got one part completed, a minute later, you realised that you've forgotten something else less important and you end up in a slightly nasty uncomfortable state. But hey, no complaints there. The bigger part is already passed, just swallow the small one, at least, you won't choke.

Nothing is perfect, you tell yourself. If only you could be more careful or cautious then you would be aware of what's actually happening next door. You were too busy handling the bigger part across the road that you simply ignored the little one standing right next to you. Just brilliant.

The other day, I was too busy making up something (It's different from lying you know.?) that I end up squeezed between two middle age men on my flight back. I couldn't believe that I was distracted to the extent that I forgot for the first time ever to request for a window seat. And that is how I was rewarded with a bonus two and half hour between a man who tries so hard to sleep and not snore while the other one keep trying to read whatever I was reading while listening to his Ipod.

Most of the time, you laugh at yourself. You were indeed being silly which is what created the little havoc in the end, but still its better than getting into a bigger mess don't you think.?

A way to convince yourself that you might lost 50 bucks but at least your 100 bucks is still safe in your pocket.

Plus minus everything, you still have a profit and there wasn't anything to lose, at least not that much to lose.

If only we could practice that all the time in our life, sadly most of us aren't just that generous to begin with. Not to mention, even if I do have a big heart, I'm just not sure if it's big enough to embrace everything, even if it's against my wishes.

Not being selfish, just realistic.

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