Monday, December 03, 2007

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If you're not prepared to see the evil side of me, do as the title says to avoid a nasty reading as this is a rather vulgar post. Yes, I'm not a saint and do own a feisty temper and I chose to unleash it here in the form of speech rather than actual action to anything else with a beating heart and the ability to have emotions and feel pain.

Why the hell does people choose to have their ultimate phone chat inside a toilet stall of a public restroom.? Especially if there's gazillion of people waiting outside with their bladder about to explode or when a kid decided to pee on the floor instead? And why didn't the little darling with her curly pig tails discharge right outside the door of the fucking lady who love the smell of stool so much that she rather share her phone conversation with everyone else in a stinking lavatory full of people with wrinkled up nose instead of coming out after her umpteenth time of flushing the toilet.? I say she's lucky because the kid's mom still have some manners, instead of the bitch who love herself so much that she doesn't want to share her cubicle with anyone else and rather lock herself inside while disregard the fact she might be suffocating after she finally left it. Pity, but sorry I just don't have extra capacity in my heart to sympathize a world class idiot.