Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's going to rain, again. It's been raining everyday here, blazing hot around midday. But once evening crawl on, it starts to drizzle. And as time goes on, it gets heavier. Even the smell of moist ground mix with soil and freshly mown grass in the air no longer feels fresh or different. Just another typical rainy day.

It is indeed odd, when there are days you crave to be left alone, for some extra privacy. But then, the only thing you have been doing lately was spending all those lonely hours, alone. You willingly lock yourself in your little world within the walls of your tiny little room. A place where every single corner are so familiar even only by its feel, not touch.

You left yourself lost in a world where you will never be found. You buried yourself in a place where no one understand you except you yourself. In fact, you are not sure if there's anyone but you, there.

You question, why after all these hours and days spend wallowing in a self made solitary world, its still not enough.? Why are you still asking for more.?

It does not make sense. Or was it suppose to make sense?

To question what we ourselves enquired for at the beginning, with no answers behind that explains why did we ask to begin with.

Something that ought not to be known, to be left just as it is. With a slight mysterious scent that lingers upon it, as a cover up. But perhaps, it is not that it cannot be understood, but rather something for you to ponder and make you feel restless, in doubt and start thinking.

When at the end, I wrote this, with no base at all, just for the sake of writing. Have you really, been wondering then.?

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