Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't doubt

It appears to hold a certain level of depth and hidden secretive message to those who feel comfortable enough to try and understand by rereading it. Perhaps its just a mask to confuse people who thinks the author is trying to convey something. It is then realised no one but the author itself could extract any meaning at all from it. But then, who is to say there is something behind just because it looks like a cover up.? Only those who are able to see through it knows the truth, that it is not deep at all. The act to convey or hide by being unpredictable is actually pretty predictable itself. There is nothing difficult for it was ponder at a complex angle that complicates the simple truth. If one could only just read and let it sink in without another second thought, then you'll realise how foolish you have been. You ought not to assume what the author wrote reflects the remainder of whatever it's feeling. Where the truth is, there is nothing at all that need to be understand for what was written is for the sole purpose of unnecessarily twisting the readers mind and build a cushion of assumption on how difficult it is to grasp its meaning when it actually doesn't mean anything. Not at all.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Please go

As usual, I walk pass him without another glance. I ignored him as much as he to me. But today, he caught me with his eyes, I turn to him and stare at him for a second. He pass me a sneering look, bearing his rows of white sharp teeth and start walking towards me. I stopped and greeted him with a hand gesture hoping to brush him away. He didn't, and this time he gave me a piercing look, just enough to tell me he's not afraid of me, not at all. I took a step back as he move forward. I dare not flee, for it was obvious he's after me, and he might chase, not a chance to outrun him. I stomped my feet and raise my hand, and he responded with a deadly glare, ready to charge forward. I could tell those long limbs are fast enough to give me a few scratch marks, definitely something I would regret. I uttered a small cry, and amazingly, it worked. He was shocked, and seem in doubt to continue and I walked away in a steady pace. Thank god, the bloody monkey didn't follow.

Friday, February 01, 2008


For a moment I held my breath, it is never a good sign when one starts a conversation by apologising, especially when you were hoping what comes out next was the good news you were desperately waiting for, which till now, has not arrived. You worried, you doubt, but still you do not loosen the grip that might cause it's unfortunate death because there's no air left. Ironic, you chose to create an exit plan secretly before it began, why then should you wince everytime the tiny voice uttered a simple sorry because there's still no answers yet? Because the delayed in itself is already an answer enough? Should you not then, move towards the other side where perhaps the grass is indeed greener? Or perhaps, simple a different shade?