Saturday, February 02, 2008

Please go

As usual, I walk pass him without another glance. I ignored him as much as he to me. But today, he caught me with his eyes, I turn to him and stare at him for a second. He pass me a sneering look, bearing his rows of white sharp teeth and start walking towards me. I stopped and greeted him with a hand gesture hoping to brush him away. He didn't, and this time he gave me a piercing look, just enough to tell me he's not afraid of me, not at all. I took a step back as he move forward. I dare not flee, for it was obvious he's after me, and he might chase, not a chance to outrun him. I stomped my feet and raise my hand, and he responded with a deadly glare, ready to charge forward. I could tell those long limbs are fast enough to give me a few scratch marks, definitely something I would regret. I uttered a small cry, and amazingly, it worked. He was shocked, and seem in doubt to continue and I walked away in a steady pace. Thank god, the bloody monkey didn't follow.


Anonymous said...

i tought it was a guy. haha

Plunny said...

that's the idea...=P