Thursday, March 20, 2008


If I have a heart, it would have been broken by that precise moment. I saw the tears glistening in its eyes, slowly filling its eye cloak. As I watches every single drop, I could see the pain. The sadness in those eyes that once used to twinkle, those silent tears slowly dripping down the beautiful sad face which no longer glows. As if what's left was only sorrow, in this black little world.

Oh I know how it would feel, how its suppose to be, how the heart is slowly being torn apart, pieces by pieces, even if done gently. But yet, I would never truly understand how the pain feels, for I myself is unable to feel. I can only watch, as it continued being haunted by the emptiness that's suffocating it.

It disturbed me that I could do nothing to cease the pain, and just stood there watching more tears falling down. I do not know what to do, I know it's badly hurt, feeling awfully bad, in dire need of help. Yet, how am I suppose to sooth it, when I do not know how pain really feels?

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