Saturday, April 12, 2008

Self Infliction

It took courage and requires one to remain ignorant. Regardless how ugly it may turn out to be. A stand chosen and one will not succumb to petty temptation that's hardly even worth it. Yet the influences the thrash may cause. Or is one simply that easily affected by unworthy variables?

That I do not know. I watch, I observe, I evaluate, and what I found out about the one is rather queer. Trying a little to hard to shed its wrongly earned reputation that was given by people who couldn't care less.

If that's so, why give a damn to care bout things that's bound to hurt if you put your foot in it? More over, why care for something you shouldn't care? Or perhaps, indeed deep down you don't care at all?

Or worse, you do care, yet you act as if you don't? To provide yourself with a non existent security blanket that's oddly visible to the eyes of those who don't care about you?

What is the point then? To waste time, energy, brain cells and even your heart, in figuring how to camouflage yourself in front of people who's not only not worth it, but don't give a shit?

The thing is, we spend so much effort in proving to people who does not matter to us just because they have bias thoughts about us that's probably untrue anyway. Give it if its true, its only for own account and why do you have to own up to something or someone when you're acting on behalf of yourself? Especially when that decision revolves around yourself only, and does not affect others?

People try and try, to ignore, to appear fine because they do not want to be easily influenced despite what's influencing them ought not to be.

The irony of people, to not want to care bout matters that's not worth it, yet they always let it cloud over them.

Are you one of them?

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