Sunday, May 11, 2008

Don't wait..

When hope fails, an end comes.

I watched you went through torment everyday, the tears that flow as if it has replace water that you should consumed. Yet, the hope that shattered, the miracle that as usual did not make their grand appearance, is not unexpected.

No, it wasn't assumed to be so, but only a blind one could not tell what awaits them if they continue to stroll that road that you once so obstinately refuse to stop.

The picture was right before your eyes, yet you could not bring yourself to look at it, to understand what it meant.

Or perhaps you do, yet you clung on foolishly on the darker side, in wishing for a brighter outcome. And there, it began.

I witnessed the self destruction program you opted for yourself. Yet I could not say a word, for it is none but your choice. You took it hoping for a better tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes.

Even if it does, it will not be better one. Not because it is destined to be bad day, but because your mind is clouded by the only thing you have in mind. And for the rest, it is nothing but another torturous day to live by while you wait, and wait for a boiled egg to hatch.

I pity you, your actions make me sad. Yet, I have not the heart to tell you. The hideous truth behind the utopian wall, for I believe you already knew it. If time is what you need to face the sad and ugly reality, then time you shall have. As long as you do not drown in the time that slowly ticks away, painfully.

And I will remember you in my prayers.

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