Friday, June 27, 2008

Lost half my mind

It's amazing how tiny little things that goes around our daily life could affect us in a million tiny little ways. As much as we chose to ignore or take them for granted all the time, when they decided to make their grand red carpet entrance, we pretend that it really shocked us, and suddenly heavy storms seems to be rocking our calm ocean.

Perhaps we weren't pretending, we were genuinely surprised that such minute issue could turn our world upside down in less than sixty seconds.

The sad thing is, it wasn't even a new thing to begin with. The only difference is that you actually start noticing it because of the constance ignorance that causes its explosion. Or perhaps, the simple fact that you never even realised its presence before the major incident? Even if you do, well its not important enough to be notice, care, or even acknowledge its mere existence.

Who's to be blame then, when the world unfortunate circumstances finally brings it up to the surface, not only it carries along the darken event, but the fact that it actually exists and was there since before you were born.

But does it really matter then? To discover the culprit? Or even that there is actually one? Is it definite then, that there is always an evil architect behind those stained events?

It is indeed rather enlightening, once it happened. Completely out of the blue, extraordinarily interesting and in some crooked way, it excites us despite all those vengeful ranting of the sudden rapid down fall.

The queer feeling itself, I believe came from the curiosity of a certain unknown element that has been there for quite a while, simply unannounced.

It does not require our recognition, nor our attention. It has settled in a position that is comfortable in both direction, a symbiosis relationship where one prefers to ignore, while the other prefer to be ignored, lying low until its been found, at the ultimate dangerous minute.

And this in itself, carries a scent of uncertainty that weave itself among the common people and here an interest is born. The desire to know, to explore, to discover the unknown that has long been buried by our own conscience.

The well accustomed habit of shoving it to the background of what that might seems unimportant at that moment suddenly seem to magnify it's significant to an unforgivable extent.

And now, here comes the time to rediscover those that we have hidden ourselves.

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