Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I smell like sulphur

It's odd but somehow after two months of volunteer work, I still have a problem talking bout it, even if it's in the sense of random rambling.

Perhaps because it was so ordinary that I find not quite inspiring and just took it as an everyday thing. Okay so it was interesting in certain parts, but still, not quite up to to talk about it in an interestingly charming way.

And coming back to the same study environment, well not exactly the same with some minor changes here and there which sadly is pretty uncomfortable though completely adjustable.

And there goes another cycle of semester going on.

It's weird how we adjust to the inevitable, even weirder at how well we are in adapting to changes even in just a few seconds.

And as of today, I just can't say how suited I am to this new place or how well am I doing with it.

Somehow it felt like, all this while I'm just trying to adapt, to fit in, and nothing else.

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