Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's weird. How it felt, how it came, how it happened, how every tiny little pieces fit yet it still broke. And can it be rescued?

Doesn't seem like it.

But then again, how does one save a damsel if she likes her distress?

You try and try and try to ran away from it, to hide, to bury everything, just so you can escape from the fugly reality.

For one second, you did. Everything was perfect.

Nothing seems impossible. Even the stars shine twice brighter and is actually within your reach.

But when everything goes back to normal, when the black sky turns reddish from contamination, when you can't even locate Mars on a gorgeous night, everything came crashing in.

The darkness that never ends, the reality you try to forget, the life you tried so hard to live, the face you try to ignore, every tiny little sad perk came chasing you down the road right after you re-emerged from under your bed.

Yes, it was safe, it was fun to hide from those pointy fingers and blood-starring eyes and for once, let go of yourself from all those tight grasps that was suffocating you.

Yet, when you returned from the little escape, instead of feeling better, or even breath easier, you realise, the world is darker than the one you left earlier, reality seems more uglier and those problems you tried so hard to diminish seems to be a few steps closer to you then they were before.

So what if you ran? You still have to come back one day, for better or worse.

No, its between bad or worse.

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