Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do you?

We've always hoped for difficult times to pass faster. The common phrase of how one wished tomorrow will come sooner, so you don't have to continue or face the bad day you're having now.

But what if the bad day, are days? And never seem to cease?

Do you just shut your eyes and silently pray for a saviour? Or simply turn around and seek for another light, or the slightest sign that signifies the beginning of the end of those endless dreadful long days?

Or do you just grit your teeth and put up a smile, even if its fake, and face the rest of it like everyone else?

Of course, you're always allowed to rant, to complain, to curse as much as you like, if it really helps with all those bypassing, why not? But does it really?

Or do you actually try and accept everything? No matter unpleasant, how forceful you have to be, how difficult it is to even look at it, yet you brace yourself with courage and go for it?

You move forward, you looked back once in a while, and stopped for a second to ponder on that very quest you took.

You hesitate, perhaps a minute too long. To continue the route you chose? Or to go back?

What if you can't? That once you left, there is no return? Whether because its a one way road, or simply because you can no longer make the effort? Even just to take a few more steps?

It's depressing.

Yet, when we can, did we?

Did you? Perhaps you should now?


yangkee said...

what would you do?

Plunny said...

Whatever that is i'm doing now =)