Friday, November 28, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008


And emo strucked, again. Unexpected, uninformed, unannounced, uninvited. Yet unsurprising. It was strong, but it wasn't clear. It wasn't only tinted, but darker than usual. If one was to be emotionally unwell, but yet could not feel what was the emotion, is one still sick then.? Or simply, disconnected? The black hole of the unknown, runs so deep that it excites me as much as it saddens me. All those that can or cannot be felt, the fear of emptiness, or the fear of uncertainty? Locked in a cage, with infinite questions, that none wants to answer. The self inflicted pain, that fills one heart, is enough to drown a soul.

Is that not enough?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good Day Everyone

I wanted to write a lengthy post yesterday, in fact I was rather inspired. It wasn't difficult considering there was a need to launch into a vulgar ranting mood after being confined to a horrendous 2 hours of brain washing seminar. Somehow as easy as those words form themselves inside my brain, it seep away pretty quickly too. Evaporated into the thin air just like that, replaced immediately by what come next on my to do list of the day. Not that I actually kept one, I never do. Well, I'm not good with following list.

But lets give it a try, at least a word or two?

You see, my friend and I receive a rather flattering call. A pleasant surprise one would say as its not exactly an everyday thing, nor was it directed to every one. So since we're swelled up with curiosity, we decided to take a look. On how this career talk might be able to perhaps help us a little or worst come to worst, we can just walk out and just have a laugh about it. Period.

Be it that it was me, or my friend or simply the speaker was completely unable to contain my span of attention, I don't know. I find it slightly tormenting to sit through 2 hours of plain money talk given by someone speaking heavily accented manglish.

No, I'm not being mean or insulting, or perhaps its just me. Bored to death about his stories on how financial planning has gotten him and her and him and her and who else that far, I find it not as aspiring as the other audiences does, and occupied myself by texting and then, I discover something much more fulfilling. That's when I decided to pin point all the loopholes in his speech instead. Marking it myself, well at least we'll have a better laugh later. And surprisingly, I find them to be ridiculously plenty, though my friend and I seem to be the only one to catch that.

And I find that rather interesting, not to mention entertaining. At least for myself. I know it's a little disrespectful, but it was my sole and only working effort of trying to not snore in a room full with attentive listening final year students and of course, those funny looking fellas all suit up in this boiling weather. So much for retaining their company's reputation.

I wonder what approach is this, considering its coming from a giant insurance company where you can find their name plastered to a particular Formula One race car. And after having sat through those miserable two hours of awfully-money-minded-brain-washing-so-called-career-talk, I find myself rather improving in the quest of mistake seeking in one's speech.

It's hard not to, what with the constant fighting of dozing off, and finding him twisting facts that nobody else notices seems to be the only reason I have yet drifted away. But hey, but maybe its just me.

Though I just can't help it but wonder what is that they're thinking, starting from young perhaps? Why not first years then since the outcome is supposedly as promising as it is part time, or full time?

In case you're wondering, no, they aren't recruiting blood sucking insurance agents. They're just simply randomly picking students from different faculties with god knows completely unrelated major, (such as me?) to so called give us the first hand account on the route to earn fast, and alot, alot of fat cash. Oh, and the correct term is, potential future financial planner. We're not just insurance agents you know.

p/s: I don't snore, its just a metaphor. XD